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Motor Vehicle Accidents


Involved in an Auto Accident?
Car accidents are one of the nation’s leading causes of personal injury. For over 15 years, OFC has treated patients who have suffered a wide range of injuries due to car and truck accidents. These injuries can alter a person’s life, causing significant pain and suffering. At OFC, our approach is to treat your injuries through both medical and chiropractic care. We customize care to address each patient’s unique condition and pain level. Our experienced staff can help provide the proper documentation of injuries, detailed narratives, and daily reports that insurance companies and attorneys need for the proper resolution of your claim. Without the proper documentation you may not get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.
Things to Know About Car Accident Injuries
Whiplash is an injury to the soft tissues and muscles of the neck from a sudden jerking of the head. This jerking motion strains the ligaments and muscle of the neck beyond their normal range of motion. It is a serious condition that if not treated can lead to debilitating chronic pain.
Tips after Your Auto Accident.
  • Call the police and file an accident report.
  • Take pictures of the scene if possible.
  • Call Oakwood Family Care at 770-534-2225, to document and treat your injuries immediately.
Slip & Fall Accident
People who suffer slip and fall injuries can experience trauma to bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments on nearly any part of the body. When these injuries are severe and a daily source of pain, using non-invasive treatment options to get you back in shape is a priority of ours. For over 15 years, OFC has treated patients from all walks of life that have suffered different types of injuries in slip and fall accidents. By providing you detailed evaluations and listening closely to the circumstances surrounding your accident, we can determine the underlying cause and deliver targeted treatment.

Our medical and chiropractic care is uniquely suited to treat common slip and fall injuries, which includes sprains and strains, joint pain, and neck and back pain. While pain and anti-inflammatory medications bring immediate relief, chiropractic care and physical therapeutics help improve range of motion and the body’s natural ability to heal. These are non-invasive treatments and offer safe and effective alleviation of pain.